Conservative Voice


I have been appointed North West Regional Coordinator for Conservative Voice:


First, to work with allied organisations – such as – to help the Conservative Party and its candidates to sharpen up election campaigning through practical help with media relations, social media and local organisation, drawing on the considerable depth of experience in the party to help nurture and spread best practice campaigning in wards, constituencies and regions under the Conservative banner

Second, to provide a home, and a new voice, for Conservatives at every level – especially the grassroots – that connects with the needs, and reflects the aspirations, of voters

Third, to be a forum for ideas and policy development and promotion that contributes to the Conservative Party’s next General Election manifesto and beyond, working with the leadership, CCHQ, allied think thanks and party affiliates, academics, business people and those in the third and public sectors who share our vision.


Conservative Voice believes that the core values, ideals and principles of the Conservative Party accord with the values, ideals and principles of the majority of British voters.

Conservative Voice believes in:

Supporting enterprise, economic growth and a free market economy, promoting business, deregulation and wealth creation;

Promoting social mobility and meritocracy, advocating equality of opportunity and encouraging aspiration to ensure that each individual, regardless of their background, can fulfil their aspirations by working hard and doing the right thing;

Reducing the size and role of the state by encouraging freedoms for individuals, families and communities;

Standing up for the United Kingdom and the British way of life via a foreign policy that enhances Britain’s standing in the world, protecting our borders with effective immigration controls, and taking a firm but fair approach to law and order;

Advocating a global foreign policy taking advantage of growing economic opportunities from Latin America to Asia including a fair and transparent relationship with the European Union and reflecting the public’s support for Britain as a sovereign nation state.

Conservative Voice will work with Conservative parliamentarians, the voluntary party and other organisations to pursue this clear Conservative vision


Conservative Voice’s primary aim is to secure a working Conservative majority at the next – and every future – election. To that end, we will:

Promote election-winning campaign practice from across the Party and overseas

Support aspiring MPs and councillors and encourage local activists with a wider range of experience from outside of politics to lend their time for campaigning;

Assist aspiring MPs and councillors with their online and social media presence

Create a forum for ideas and debates, featuring key figures within the Conservative Party

Work with Peers, MPs, MEPs, councillors and Conservative Party activists to promote the best of new Conservative ideas from a wider range of experience than the Westminster village, to help shape Conservative Party manifesto policies

Fundraise to support and promote a Conservative vision.